The World will Fall if it does not Remain Silent

With Donald Trump claiming that the “Rocket Man” might not end up being “around much longer” and Kim Jong-Un calling Trump a “mentally deranged U.S. dotard”, these provocative wars of words sound like the fight of two kindergarten pupils. But the world is worried that this might escalate into a highly devastating nuclear war if immediate, effective action is not taken against the regime.

Even though the United Nations Security Council on September 11 agreed on the toughest sanctions yet, North Korea had already issued threats of inflicting “greatest pain and suffering” if they saw the sanctions getting through. Furthermore, Donald Trump’s previous idea of “opening a dialogue” with North Korea and serving its leaders “a hamburger” is unfortunately not going to see the light of the day as the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, distinctly stated that “Now is not the time for dialogue.” Therefore, against these failing solutions of economic sanctions and diplomatic dialogues, the answer to the North Korean problem is deterrence.

The Rise of the North Korean Regime through the Fall of other Tyrannies”

Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, and Pol Pot’s Cambodia: the prevailing fact about the mentioned regimes is their brutal dictatorship but the fact that matters now is that they do not exist anymore. The world came together and put an end to their atrocities. But the world has been united even on the question of North Korea, now more fervently than before; then why has North Korea not only survived but is also rising amidst such unanimous opposition? The answer lies in the resilience of the North Korean economy. Even after China announced that it would suspend all imports with North Korea, the regime’s vessels continue to dock at China’s coal ports. Also, the country engages in large scale illegal activities such as selling counterfeit goods and sending labourers abroad and such illegitimate trade is difficult to stop. Thus, as long as the economy is growing, the regime can successfully continue to carry out missile tests.

“Why Economic Sanctions and Diplomatic Talks might not be the Best Solution to the North Korean problem?”

The North Korean problem has been actual since over a decade. The world has known of this concern since, and has collectively attempted to resolve it by, initially, engaging with the diplomatic route of dialogue and negotiation, the failure of which then led them to employ the strategy of economic sanctions. But neither of the paths undertaken have made any difference. If any, these have only led to North Korea further advancing themselves in the game. Experts state that Pyongyang is capable of enduring a great deal of pain as it has been developing its nuclear weapons program through decades of famine and economic crisis. Kim deems the existence of nuclear weapons and missiles as vital for his regime’s survival and therefore, it is possible that even after escalating the already harsh sanctions, there still might be no effect. For all we know, it might just furthermore instigate him just as we are currently witnessing.

“The Solution to the North Korean problem is Silence”

The major reason why the Cold War did not escalate into a full-fledged war was deterrence. Both the UK and USSR decided to build-up their nuclear capacities but neither of them used it because they knew it would lead to both sides losing more than they would win. Similarly, we should let Kim Jong-Un persevere the way he is and simultaneously, the world should also continue building its nuclear power, especially South Korea because when North Korea would realise that its immediate neighbour holds the power of tantamount reciprocation, it would eventuate into further deterrence. One person that particularly needs to adopt this strategy is Donald Trump. He needs to calm down. Certain people fear Trump’s impulsive behaviour more than Kim Jong-Un for his thorough lack of thought-out decision-making could potentially result in a war leading to world doom. Therefore, Trump should remain silent and make USA help its allies and North Korea’s neighbours to augment their nuclear capacities. Because let’s face it, pragmatically, Kim is not going to fire his nukes. His aim is the survival of the regime and he knows that starting a nuclear war would be equivalent to going on a suicide mission – his kingdom would perish and that is not even the last thing he wants. Thus, adopt silence, let Kim Jong-Un be, and peace will reign.

Jaya Jaïn

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